Our relationship with PNG should be a foreign policy priority and requires much closer attention. Surely there is an opportunity to capture their enthusiasm for our sporting stars in a positive way that enhances our bilateral relationship. Sport has the power to transcend social, cultural and language barriers.

Israeli cyclist Roei “Jinji” Sadan, who has spent the past four years crossing 42 countries on six continents, reached his final destination. Sadan, 29, arrived at the Sydney Opera House Thursday afternoon on his 27-gear, custom-built, blue-and-white bicycle sporting the Israeli and Australian flags.

July 27, 2011

Very few Australian sports stars achieve global recognition but those who have bear witness to the great responsibilities that come with that recognition. Whether he seeks it or not, Evans will be seen as an ambassador for Australia and Australian values.In many respects his story to success is typically Australian.

Byrne and Hall argue that the sheer size of the export education industry is a form of what Joseph Nye famously defined as soft power... Soft power gives Australia an opportunity to pursue its values, promote its ideas and pursue its international interests offshore.

Australian diplomats and policy-makers were no doubt watching as Australian cyclist, Cadel Evans edged past Luxembourg rival Andy Schlek to win the prestigious Tour de France earlier this week. They may well hope for a repeat performance when Australia faces Finland and Luxembourg next October in the contest for one of the two available seats on the United Nations Security Council (UNSC).

For nations like Australia, consistent policy delivery, both in the international and domestic arenas sits inevitably at the core of its reputation, and its campaign. Strong policy is a fundamental platform from which a nation’s reputation is communicated and understood. Nothing speaks more clearly to the identity, values and intent of a nation that its actions and performance in this space.

The reason we do it is it's part of who we are," Rudd said. "Part of America's great standing around the world since World War II is it's combination of hard power and soft power. ... U.S. aid given around the world helps their standing in the world. It's part of the American greatness that we've seen.