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The Facebook guide positions images as a "new form of language."

CPD welcomed President Mahama on Thursday, October 1.

Public diplomacy is about communicating—including lessons learned. So here are a few lessons I have learned from serving in high level positions in government: 1. The first is about idealism vs. realism—how to blend them. You come into government very idealistic and you go home very realistic. But the truth is that the first and last lesson I keep learning is about BLENDING BOTH—meaning that you have to blend ideals and aspirations with what is doable.

Academics, university leaders, and policy makers from the Asia-Pacific region will gather at a major education conference in Taipei starting on Wednesday that will give Taiwan the chance to forge deeper ties with institutions in nearby countries.

Three medical students from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) University have returned to the Emirates after being granted a research scholarship to work in leading research laboratories in the United Kingdom (UK) as part of the British Council Research Scholarship Programme.

I often tell audiences at home and abroad that medicine is a language all nations understand. It’s one of the best ways to help people who are in need. Medicine builds bridges, builds trust and cooperation, and working together, our partnership in Djibouti will help improve our two countries for our mutual benefit.