Instagram Basics for Politics and Government

Facebook has issued a comprehensive guide on best practices for using Instagram to promote shared experiences and strengthen relationships. The guide positions images as a "new form of language" and explains how Instagram can help elected officials, political candidates and governments use this language to connect digitally with audiences. 

With 500 million people using Instagram each day, the guide demonstrates how compelling content is key to carrying messages to all corners of the globe. It emphasizes that by utilizing the platform's range of tools, including audiovisual material, engaging hashtags, stories, live video and more, users can tell a story that resonates with others on a personal level. Prominent global leaders such as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo, the guide notes, are successfully using Instagram to forge meaningful connections. 

"Elected officials, governments, campaigns and candidates use Instagram to break down barriers and meaningfully connect with their constituents in a visually compelling way," the guide explains. "Through Instagram, you can provide people with a front row ticket and backstage pass to your work, politics and important civic moments around the world."

Read the full guide here

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