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The author's recent book, American Diplomacy’s Public Dimension: Practitioners as Change Agents in Foreign Relations, traces the evolution of American public diplomacy from colonial times to the present. 

There is growing interest across Africa in AI, with its potential to drive economic growth, create jobs and empower communities.

Photo of Foxconn display board by Strubbl via Wikimedia Commons

India's Padma Awards may encourage cooperation between Indian and Taiwanese companies such as Foxconn.

People shaking hands against a digital background, created via Canva

CPD Research Fellow and Assistant Professor at the University of Copenhagen, Kristin Anabel Eggeling, discusses diplomacy amid digitalization and technological change.

In the recently released 2019 Soft Power 30 report, CPD Director Jay Wang explores the concepts of "digital for public diplomacy" and "public diplomacy for the digital."

Johns Hopkins University Ph.D. student Aaron Bateman on why the pope is directly engaging tech companies. 

February 20, 2019

How will artificial intelligence change diplomacy? A report by the DiploFoundation maps challenges and opportunities.