Globally, Yoani Sánchez’s blog, is available in a score of languages and gets up to 14 million visits a month. Within Cuba, though, the dictatorship of Fidel and Raúl Castro has from the start sought to silence her and prevent other Cubans from reading what she calls her “little vignettes of reality.”

The Maasai Cultural Exchange Project has published a children's book that bridges the miles between Africa and America, much as the group's mission of bringing water and education to Maasai women and children has for years.

The British Library has signed a landmark deal with Google, making one of the largest collections of books and pamphlets in the world available and searchable online for the first time. Internet users will be able to search for and access the huge volume of out-of-copyright works for free for the first time on the Internet.

...Doyle focuses on the "soft power" applied in negotiations between American forces and Sunni Sheiks in forming an alliance to kick al Qaeda out of Iraq. This narrative in the story should be evaluated in understanding how we ought to employ U.S. military and diplomatic resources in the Middle East today.

The story highlights the undaunted spirit of the Japanese people, who always try to overcome difficult situations instead of blaming fate and others, as can be seen in the aftermath of the recent natural disasters in Japan.

It’s been called the greatest literary show on Earth, a thinking-person’s carnival. The Jaipur Literary Festival, which wrapped up Tuesday, is India at its best, and occasionally not-so-best, proving that the proud emerging nation can easily trounce China in at least this category: the soft-power world of ideas, debate, criticism and a willingness to question authority.