Joseph Nye has been the preeminent thought leader on the issue of power dynamics and relationships connecting global actors. [...] What is the future of this American century? My guess is that among the range of possible futures, ones in which a new challenger such as Europe, Russia, India, Brazil or China surpasses the United States and precipitates the end of the American centrality to the global balance of power are not impossible, but not very likely.

Brazil icon Rivaldo has warned tourists to stay away from the summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, expressing fears about crime, a struggling health service and the political turmoil surrounding the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff.

[...] When Popole Misenga started training for his Olympic judo team he was, well, too ferocious [...] The Congolese judoka is pushing to compete in the Rio Olympics this August as part of the Games' first stateless team […] As a child of the Democratic Republic of Congo's 1998-2003 war, which killed millions and left many more homeless, the 24-year-old has been hardened by terror, hunger, and desperation.

This month, the Brazilian embassy in Jordan will promote the Brazilian Gastronomy Week in the capital Amman. The dinners will take place at the hotel Grand Hyatt Amman from April 19 to 27. Around 120 guests are expected each night. [...] The Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce is supporting the event, providing the contact of member companies interested in having their products in the dinners. 

Brazil launched its occupation strategy in 2008, the year after it won the right to host the 2014 World Cup and a year before Rio won its bid to host the 2016 Summer Olympics […] human-rights campaigners argue that armed conflict has increased as a result of major sporting events, imposing a particularly high cost on poor and homeless children.

President Xi Jinping proposed the cultural exchange year in 2014 when he attended the China-Latin America and the Caribbean Summit in Brasilia.

The Latin American region already identifies with India through its pop culture, so India needs to capitalise on this goodwill to deepen its diplomatic relations with the region. [...] Bollywood resonates in Latin America and helps promote feelings of goodwill to India, which can leverage it for its public diplomacy in the region.