Sub-titled "a guide to a truly great nation," it's a branded content marketing move to continue the celebratory year that 2012 represents for the United Kingdom, from the Queen's Diamond Jubilee to a successful Olympics and Paralympics (despite Mitt Romney’s concerns). Could there be a better year to be a Brit?

At the beginning of 2012, we went to Buenos Airesto work with the communications teams across Latin America. We talked about lots of things, including the Falklands, but what really came out of it for me was a gem of an idea about using the GREAT campaign and our soft power to reach out to a new generation in Cuba.

The department, which has been embracing digital technologies like Twitter and Facebook to deliver services, engage with people and to extend UK influence, has seen ministers including William Hague directly praise the role social media can play in the day to day functions of the department.

Royals have always had a diplomatic role. In Britain, they used to hold absolute power but these days they work with government to provide soft power abroad... You can't put a price on such royal missions, but the British government have, in Catherine and William, found a unique vehicle to promote national interests, and they are making the most of it.

Nye has been one of America's leading political scientists, and a peacenik who has lectured on almost anything in relation to diplomatic politics except the arts. Now he has reached them at the international culture summit in Edinburgh, where he will debate "the role of arts and culture in deepening relationships between culture and nations".

In this day and age, when Britain sometimes struggles to justify its status as a permernant member of the United Nations Security Council or as a "major player on the world stage", the medal table may prove to be a more accurate measure of the international standing than the size, for example, of the GDP or the armed forces.

...that task fell to none other than British Prime Minister David Cameron, who, in September 2011, launched a “Britain is GREAT” promotional campaign. Coordinated by multiple government departments and foreign consulates, with events in 17 cities worldwide, the £37 million image project is designed to use the Games to jumpstart tourism and increase inward investment and job opportunities in the UK.

And what better year to promote the advantages of British-made products than 2012, which is exactly what the people at kitchen appliance company Stoves thought when they decided to launch their Made in Britain campaign.