For much of the past decade, “soft power” has been touted as a means for making foreign policy more effective by emphasizing enticement rather than coercion, conversation rather than conflict. The concept has won applause, but putting it into practice has often been half-hearted...In an era in which revolutions rely more on social media than on machine guns, soft power will be ascendant.

The eagerly-anticipated new Jewish community center moved a step closer to completion with a ceremony marking the start of building what will be one of the largest Jewish community centers in Europe. The community centers host an array of events and activities that invigorate Jewish life and also cater to the local community and other faiths.

Jon Ronson, the British currently posting a video series about attempts to “control” the Internet...His investigation in those two videos focuses on an unfortunate effort by some Israelis to produce a counter-flotilla YouTube video this past summer when that issue was at its hottest.

The first Indian wines to be sold by a British supermarket could become a fixture on its shelves after coming close to selling out in record time. India has a long tradition of winemaking but its wines have only recently been able to compete with more established regions. The country is also being recognised in international competitions.

Officials said they would spend $4.7 million to boost tourism on the back of the Games and restore the Olympic host city’s tarnished image. Culture, media and sport secretary Jeremy Hunt says the publicity campaign aims to “set the record straight” and show the world that the riots do not “stand for what the U.K. is all about.”

A website to teach schoolchildren in Britain about the events of 9/11 and "demolish conspiracy theories" surrounding the attacks has been launched by the mayor of London, Boris Johnson. He said the website would help to "provide a controlled demolition" of the conspiracy theories surrounding the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon that took place a decade ago on Sunday.

Religious art, arguably like religion itself, ultimately deals with the trials of being human, and this is something those of all faiths and none can share in. The pope is right when he says that "art can express and render visible humanity's need to go beyond what one sees, revealing a thirst and quest for the infinite", but that "infinite" is the unfathomable in ourselves, whether we call that "God" or not.