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The British Council's work in the region over the coming months will include offering citizenship and arts grants to build up civil society; teaching English, including educational radio broadcasts across the country; using UK higher education expertise to create universities that value cultural activity and free speech

Deputy Minister Selim...emphasized that the aim of the conference was to raise public awareness and to improve Kosovo’s image, by using public diplomacy as a method by which the Republic of Kosovo can strengthen its presence in Brussels and in capitals of states that have not yet recognized it.

UK's international organisation for education and cultural relations, The British Council, is organising one-stop exhibitions for those who aspire to study in the UK. Titled 'Education UK Exhibitions', the trade fair will travel to six cities in the country beginning from New Delhi to Kolkata...

For much of the past decade, "soft power" has been touted as a means for making foreign policy more effective by emphasizing enticement rather than coercion, conversation rather than conflict.

British Council director Peter Clack who left the country last month for a new posting, talks fondly of local food and the role he played in Malaysia’s quest to be an education hub.

The power of cultural relations is in evoking rather than projecting values. We create openness and build trust. Ideologies which require violence and oppression to thrive are threatened by this work. The soft power of cultural relations is often most valuable in the hardest of locations.

Young adults helping to shape the future of the Middle East and North Africa will meet the Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, at an event in London organised by the British Council. Their trip to the UK is part of the British Council’s work with young people around the world, and will help to inform the international response to the changing political landscape in the region.