british council

November 15, 2010

Following British Prime Minister David Cameron and his country's biggest-ever delegation to China last week, Vernon Ellis, chair of the British Council, shared his vision towards cooperation with China in terms of culture and education with the Global Times Thursday in Beijing.

The goal of the Bridge to Future Success programme is to improve and strengthen capacity of selected secondary and higher education institutions to develop cultural and educational relations between the UK and Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic (NAR).

Predictably, there has been much debate about cuts in the defence budget, with spending on aircraft carriers and the renewal of the nuclear deterrent - instruments of 'hard power' - coming under particular scrutiny. Less has been said about the implications for the country's 'soft power': the BBC World Service, British Council and intellectual capital.

Teachers and learners of English have now got a new tool to help master the sounds of the English language thanks to the British Council's latest iPad pronunciation app. Sounds Right is an interactive learn english pronunciation chart...

Earlier this year, the British Council co-hosted an event in Brussels with Security Defence Agenda and NATO to discuss how "cultural" projects facilitate dialogue between groups, play a part in preventing conflict, healing post-conflict wounds, and potentially avoid conflicts based on misunderstand or mistrust.

Great Britain, France and Germany are the most active in promoting their cultural relations with Georgia, according to The Financial’s study. British Council, Goethe-Institute Georgia and A. Dumas Centre conducted the majority of cultural awareness events since 2008. Germany generally spends the most.

The University Linkages Programme at Cairo University represents the unique collaboration between BG Egypt, Cairo University and the British Council. It provides much-needed English language tuition and professional skills to the university's Petroleum Geosciences students.