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Kendal Gee explores the two countries' coverage of climate change and the possible effect on public opinion

In the next few years, the UK’s constitution will be re-shaped. As a nation, we are yet to recognise the enormity of this. It’s exciting - and terrifying. And this includes the BBC. Why? Not only because it is the single most important media operation in the country, but because it belongs to the peoples of these islands and is part of our informal constitution.

Faced with a smothering and frustrating Italian defense in a must-win World Cup game Tuesday, the Uruguayan superstar responded with his front teeth. The incident, visible on television replays and circulating on the Internet, showed Suarez apparently bite the shoulder of Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini as the pair clashed in the Italian penalty area. The apparent chomp happened in an instant, but became a worldwide sensation and could lead to Suarez being kicked out of the World Cup.