british museum
February 20, 2018

To celebrate the inauguration of the USC London Office, CPD has created a roundup of content related to the United Kingdom.

Wrapped in creative words and cultural visions, the Lahore Literary Festival brings to London, Pakistan’s artistic thinking and classical heritage. This rare sight of Pakistan, at the BP lecture theatre of the British Museum, will take place on Saturday 29th October 2016. With exceptional artists, writers, and cultural commentators, the festival will explore outstanding ideas. For the very first time, London will be celebrating the visionary liveliness of Lahore.

It is always heartening to hear discussion of historical artifacts not strictly as museum pieces but as instruments that can transmit other cultural messages and interpretations of identity. The Cyrus Cylinder is an example of ancient cultural heritage that resonates with new meanings today. Inspired by the blogs by Jay Wang and Naomi Leight my interest was sparked on this subject.

October 28, 2013

The Cyrus Cylinder, a small clay object dated from the sixth century B.C.E. and covered in Babylonian cuneiform script of an imperial decree by King Cyrus of Persia, is considered by many to be a powerful symbol of cultural and religious tolerance. Its international touring exhibition, spearheaded by the British Museum, has drawn broad global attention and is, by most measures, a resounding success.

The British Museum began an exhibition on Thursday titled “Beyond El Dorado,” featuring a new perspective on pre-Hispanic Colombia through works of gold and precious goods on loan from Bogota’s Museo del Oro. “The title is ‘Beyond El Dorado’ and that’s exactly what the exhibition does,” the curator of the exhibit, Elisenda Vila Llonch, told Colombia Reports.

Maria Miller, Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, visits the Getty Villa in Los Angeles to highlight what the ancient Cyrus Cylinder holds for cultural diplomacy. On loan from the British Museum, the Persian Cylinder represents a step toward government acknowledgement of basic human rights-- namely, a written acknowledgment of the freedom to practice religion without persecution from the state.

At a recent reception in Orange County, Congressman Ed Royce (R-CA/39th) and Manoucher “Fred” Ameri spoke to OCTV’s Executive Producer Alex Bolourchi about the U.S. Cyrus Cylinder Tour and human rights. On loan from the British Museum, the Cyrus Cylinder has been on display since March 2013 in five major museum venues throughout the United States. The cylinder exhibition is currently being displayed at its final stop at the Getty Villa in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles portion of the tour is sponsored by the Farhang Foundation.

April 3, 2012

Since the Hajj exhibit began, the British Museum has been praised for fostering cultural diplomacy, acknowledging the role of Islam in British public life, and attracting new audiences to a cultural venue. In addition to tracing the history of the pilgrimage, the exhibit explains the purpose of the Hajj in Islam and the Muslim beliefs that inform the many rituals.