A new paper by CPD Faculty Fellow Vivian Walker on Russian disinformation campaigns in Georgia.

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The newest list of crucial PD publications from Bruce Gregory is out now, featuring work from P. J. Crowley, Geoffrey Cowan, AEI, and RAND.

The Goethe-Institut announced at its annual press conference on Monday in Berlin that it would be setting up shop in Baku, Azerbaijan and Yerevan, Armenia, in the coming year. The German parliament has reserved three million euros for the branches, which would host language courses and cultural programming. The organization already runs 159 institutes in 98 countries.

Protest by Wilhelm Joys Andersen

Georgia must convince not only NATO, but its own population, of the benefits of membership.

...Azerbaijan’s desire to pursue more active public diplomacy was driven primarily by the constant concerns over falling behind Armenia in the “information war” front of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, which remains to be the most important issue for Azerbaijanis. Having achieved economic success, Azerbaijan is keen to use it oil revenues in order to promote its image abroad and influence foreign audiences.