charlie hebdo

The most recent cartoon on refugees by the French satirical magazine "Charlie Hebdo" is highly controversial. It depicts the drowned Aylan Kurdi as a sex offender - and many find this utterly tasteless.

Hundreds of French mosques are participating in a major open-house event this weekend, offering visitors the opportunity to come in for tea and a chat about Islam in a country shaken by jihadist attacks. 

Indeed, in many ways Fashion Week told a tale of brands eschewing the escapism normally associated with couture, opting instead to connect it to the real world. At varying levels and degrees of success. 

Fox News has spent years ridiculing France for sins real and imagined. Now the mayor of Paris is punching back with plans to sue the network after its coverage “insulted” her city in the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo attacks.

Longtime CNN anchor Jim Clancy has left the cable news network following a controversial exchange on Twitter over the Charlie Hebdo attack in which he both mocked pro-Israel advocates and used a disability slur.

A BBC News Radio presenter and correspondent mocked US Secretary of State John Kerry for bringing musician James Taylor to Paris, evidently to make amends for missing last Sunday’s unity march. 

This week in Public Diplomacy, the use of new media and technologies dominated the global dialogue.

He doesn’t soft-peddle his approach. In another airplane press conference on an apostolic journey abroad, Francis called out anyone who commits violence in the name of religion. And while he emphasized the importance of free expression, he admitted it necessarily has limits.