Can T-shirts, hoodies and sports socks inspired by God – and worn by Justin Bieber – help to win disciples? Think of church merchandise and you will likely think of mugs decorated with stained glass windows or key chains with bible quotes, sold in a dusty gift shop. But things have changed: for the face of “church merch” in 2017, look in the somewhat unexpected direction of Justin Bieber.

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A look at the response of some U.S. Christian churches to President Trump's travel ban

Cyril actually stated the need to build orthodox geopolitics, in line with Putin’s foreign policy.The Orthodox church moves in the former Soviet area, which the Kremlin aims to regroup. All this, supports the government’s foreign policy, continually appealing to a shared values between the “sister nations” with “a unique story, a unique Church and unique future”. 

For 20 years, the Global Leadership Summit has been inspiring, encouraging and equipping Christian leaders. When the event was first created, the target audience were mainly pastors. Over the years, the event has evolved to include leaders from all walks of ministry and life. Now the Lima area will have a chance to participate when Lima Community Church hosts a live simulcast of the event on Aug. 6 and 7.

The priest said he feared young people will "turn their backs on the church" and say, "You never stood with us ... you never taught us to stand up for our rights."

Whalon says the Christian community of Iraq, which numbered about 1.2 million before the war began, now is down to about 400,000, with many moving out under the threat of death. After the attack in October, the number of people on waiting lists seeking refuge in France swelled to more than 4,000.

Russia's dominant Orthodox Church unveiled its own channel on YouTube on Monday to attract young followers to a faith which has grown increasingly powerful since the fall of communism.

The two week assembly of the synod of bishops for the Middle East opened Monday morning with an unscripted address from Pope Benedict XVI. “The Church's faith is the foundation that does not waver”, he told participants, “despite the threat of destruction”, and focusing on Mary's divine motherhood he warned against “false gods such as terrorism, drugs and capitalism which enslave mankind”.