Empire State Building

Nicholas Cull discusses the growing role of city diplomacy and the emergence of the global city.

The exhibition "Post-Oil City: The History of the City's Future" presents a host of innovative city planning projects in Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Looking both to the past and to the future, the exhibition assembles eleven contemporary projects...

Paris – the city of love and irrepressibly haughty waitstaff – still has that je ne sais quoi, according to the report, released this week, which measures the the image of 50 cities with respect to presence, place and people, as well as more nebulous characteristics such as pulse and potential.

A group of senior officials and executives from Abu Dhabi are in town to learn from Korea’s past in fostering rapid industrial growth. Their visit is the second of its kind as part of the Abu Dhabi Senior Officials Learning Journey to Korea program. The first group of officials visited last month.

Hosting the 2020 World Expo would put the Bay Area and Silicon Valley on the global stage in a very positive way," said Bay Area Council President and CEO Jim Wunderman. "With its focus on innovation, sustainability and space science, the expo could help cement our reputation for good. Everybody will want what Silicon Valley's got.

The USC Center on Public Diplomacy was pleased to welcome to campus, Dr. Mark Kristmanson, the incoming 2011 Canada-U.S. Fulbright Visiting Research Chair in Public Diplomacy. He gave a talk titled, "The Signature of the City: The Place of Cities in Public Diplomacy."