citizen diplomacy

An expert in nation building, Miss Wendy Tlou, has argued that building a successful nation brand is not about a geographical location, but about the people in that location. She also pointed out that before a country's rebranding effort can be effective, the government must obtain the buy-in of the citizens, who then naturally become the project’s ambassadors.

The private sector and the international development community often seem to operate worlds apart: different drivers, different environments and different resources at their disposal.  But we often overlook the shared contexts and challenges of operating as organizations in a rapidly changing and increasingly interconnected world.

Former ad man Simon Anholt thinks he has the answer to problems caused by globalisation – the Good Country party, a global political organisation. He’s launching it this weekend, and thinks it has the potential to gain 700 million members

Mr. Bakhit, 36, is a Jordanian comic book author and entrepreneur who creates Middle Eastern stories that are an alternative to terrorist ideologies. His field research has included surveys of children in poor neighborhoods in and around the Jordanian capital of Amman and in Syrian refugee camps.

Finding local solutions to global development challenges is among the trending topics in international development. Donor agencies emphasize this to varying degrees, but all recognize that local ownership of development is a key ingredient for success.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi may have made Forbes’ latest list of the world’s most powerful people, but he is part of a dwindling group. Money rather than political clout is deemed to be the currency of power today.

The United States plans to invest an estimated $50 million in public-private partnerships to support young entrepreneurs in Morocco, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden said Thursday.

Indonesia announced last week that it will scrap visa on arrival fees for Australians in an attempt to boost the number of visitors to the country. While this may lead to a small increase in Australian tourists visiting Bali, what the government really needs to do to increase people-to-people exchange to make it easier for young people to work and study in Indonesia ultimately facilitating deeper economic, political and cultural relations.