citizen diplomacy

Today, we have a generation of young change-makers, including Muslim millennials, who are participating, positively, in addressing societal problems through nonviolent approaches to economic, social and political issues. We need to pay close attention to these voices.

International exchange students who have a good experience while in the country become friends of the United States. “That’s the goal of the J-1 Visa Program,” said Sharon Peters, Council for Education Travel manager.

Formal diplomacy and tiptoeing around protocols are not going to help the Philippines thwart a bristling giant encroaching on its waters and islands, according to former senator and veteran diplomat Leticia Ramos-Shahani. Shahani, who is ailing, delivered a fiery speech at the launch of P1NAS, a new alliance to defend Philippine sovereignty and territorial integrity, and strengthen efforts to forge an independent foreign policy.“We need a mass movement,” she said. “Citizen diplomacy is needed to thwart the power play in the West Philippine Sea.”

A group of women peace activists, led by American feminist Gloria Steinem, made a rare crossing of one of the world's most militarised borders on Sunday to promote reconciliation between North and South Korea.

New reseach paper evaluates the impact of the 2010 FIFA World Cup for South Africa's brand identity.

There are a number of grassroots efforts that are taking to social media to undermine the dominant military paradigm for addressing international issues. One of them is the Peace Factory, who is building a bridge of communication between the people of the Middle East.

The year 2015 is going to be a busy time for government planners, climate negotiators, international donors and concerned citizens. In less than a year’s time the world’s governments are expected to adopt a new global agenda for development, with long-term sustainability at its core.