citizen diplomacy

Irfan Durmić sees the metro-east through the eyes of a visitor, but also of someone who truly feels at home. [...] At age 16, he would be a sophomore in his home country, but with his transfer credits, American schools place him as a junior. That means he will probably still be a junior when he gets home, but he’s okay with that because he is having so much fun learning about America.

Social media does more than share information about Syrian refugees; it offers ways you can help them. Here are five ways that highlight how social media supported Syrian refugees in the past year.

Mark Zuckerberg Wishes Happy Lunar New Year in Chinese

The Facebook founder shows off his language diplomacy skills in a special Mandarin Chinese Lunar New Year greeting.

Organizers of the Puerto Vallarta Jazz Festival are fine tuning the last details of the event to be held February 12-13. The event is organized with the Sister City Foundation and Puerto Vallarta’s Sister City of Highland Park (Illinois).

February 1, 2016

The day after he retired in 2006, dairy specialist Archie Devore headed to Russia to help farm operations update their practices. [...] Devore’s trip to Russia was the first of 28 assignments in nine different countries that the Lincoln resident has taken through a U.S. government program that has sent more than 16,000 agricultural volunteers overseas over the past 30 years.

December 10, 2015

Since March, Obama has travelled to countries including Britain, Japan, Cambodia and Qatar to promote Let Girls Learn, an initiative to help some of the more than 30 million adolescent girls who lack access to education. Embracing a network of 7,000 Peace Corps volunteers, it will seek community-led solutions to lower the barriers that prevent girls from getting secondary schooling.

After the Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump called for a ban on the entry of Muslims into the United States, [...] the Dubai based Landmark Group, responded by removing all Trump branded products from the shelves of its Lifestyle retail stores […]  the value of the Trump name in the world’s vast Muslim population has been thrown into question since he made his comments.