Sudarshan Ramabadran of the India Foundation's Center for Soft Power discusses how India is working with Cambodia on the preservation of historic temples.

Organizers hope to expand  the exhibition soon and find a larger venue for it. Meanwhile, other U.S. embassies — including the one in Berlin — are also helping Syrian artists gain exposure. Without art and culture, civilized societies cannot exist, said Al Kadri. The exhibition, he added, “is a big chance [to show] that Syria has a deep-rooted civilization.”

The forum will bring together over 90 politicians and experts from more than 20 countries, and they will discuss the themes of city construction and management, education, civilization, senior care and exchanges among young people.

“Across the world, bridges of understanding strain under the weight of intolerance and polarization.” He told the meeting that promoting dialogue and understanding has long been considered a form of ‘soft power’ because it brings about change slowly, without military action.