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Befriending the Enemy: Do Cultural Exchanges Reall Matter?

In their evaluation of Seeds of Peace, University of Chicago researchers Juliana Schroeder and Jane Risen found that the three-week camp can produce attitude change, friendships, and even peaceful coexistence between participants.

Obama's comments at the White House did little to repair rocky U.S.-Israeli relations, which were aggravated by a Wall Street Journal report Tuesday alleging Israel spied on sensitive negotiations about Iran's nuclear program. 

Norwegian Muslims plan to form a “ring of peace” around a synagogue in Oslo this Saturday as a gesture of solidarity with the Jewish community in the Scandinavian country.

Muslims and Jews living in the same North London neighbourhood are making a stand together against hate crime amid concerns of an increased threat to both communities in the aftermath of the Paris attacks.

Militaries around the world are increasingly tasked with complex humanitarian missions that extend beyond their traditional role. Such missions include development, diplomacy, stability, and peacekeeping operations, and often entail long-term engagements with civilian populations in conflict or disaster zones.

Latin America’s Colombia and Turkey are sharing a mutual fate of ending decades-long conflict in their countries. According to experts, reconciliation in such processes could face obstacles, but with real commitment both sides can solve the problematic issues.