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Teresa La Porte, past CPD Visiting Scholar, pens monograph on the public diplomacy of the EU.

Now that Iraq's lawmakers have come together to form a government, ending a stalemate that left the country rudderless for months, U.S. diplomats are focusing on another divide—ethnic tensions in the north that threaten to rip the country asunder.

On Nov. 9, the USC Center on Public Diplomacy released a 70-page book detailing the proceedings of the Science Diplomacy conference held on Feb. 4-5, 2010.

In today's global community, there is an ever-increasing awareness of the moral responsibility required from nations, as well as an ever-increasing demand for transparent and accountable governance and justice.

Earlier this year, the British Council co-hosted an event in Brussels with Security Defence Agenda and NATO to discuss how "cultural" projects facilitate dialogue between groups, play a part in preventing conflict, healing post-conflict wounds, and potentially avoid conflicts based on misunderstand or mistrust.

Preventive diplomacy and mediation are an effective means of resolving crises across the world, the top United Nations political official said today, adding that the Organization is increasingly resorting to the use of diplomacy to defuse tensions before they escalate into conflict.

This week the United States will welcome South Asian teenagers to the State Departments under the “Seeds of Peace” programme... Founded in 1993 by journalist John Wallach, Seeds of Peace describes itself as being dedicated to empowering young leaders from regions of conflict...

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