cross border cooperation

Public diplomacy for cross-border cooperation. 

The U.S. Presidential Election and Mexico's Image of America

Expert insight on the significance of U.S-Mexico relations, bilateral trade ties, and how the campaign rhetoric of U.S. presidential hopefuls is impacting Mexico’s image of America. 

This article takes a historical and theoretical approach to the application of paradiplomacy to foreign policy, citing examples such as Scotland, Catalonia and Quebec.

This new article from Nahuel Oddone and Horacio Rodríguez Vázquez examines current cross-border relations and institutions in Latin America, and concludes with a framework to both strengthen and enhance regional cooperation. 

Although there is a burgeoning literature on South-South development cooperation, this scholarship has seldom considered the public diplomacy surrounding these initiatives. This project addressed this gap by analyzing the public diplomacy channels, practices, and discourses of an emerging South-South cooperation provider in Africa: Brazil.

As one who had the honor of serving 35 years in the U.S. military, my experience has convinced me that America’s interests are inextricably linked to the prosperity and security of other nations and their people. Today’s global crises frequently do not have a military solution, but require a comprehensive American engagement that strengthens the civilian tools of development and diplomacy that are essential in enabling countries around the world to address the challenges threatening their security and prosperity as well as ours.

May 7, 2012