The Ebola virus is expected to be all but gone in Liberia, thanks in large part to the work of Cuban doctors in Africa.

Despite Ali’s unparalleled accolades as a professional boxer, his most profound legacy is that of a moral leader, peace ambassador, civil rights icon, and global humanitarian, a legacy that emerges from his deep religious beliefs and spiritual convictions. [...] Muhammad Ali’s dedication to global peace, public diplomacy, and philanthropy exemplified his foundational belief in Islam as a religion of peace. 

Marko Marcinko traveled the world many times over during his long career as an in-demand jazz drummer. Cuba, however, had long been out of reach for the well-known Scranton musician, just as it had been for most Americans for more than a half century. But the United States’ recent reestablishment of formal relations with the Communist Caribbean country led to new and exciting travel opportunities for Americans, musicians among them.

The event was seen as an "intercultural exchange" and so emphasis was put on not only international musicians working with local musicians, but also our management team working closely with government departments, to the point that we operated from the same site office as Empresa de la Musica at the festival venue. 

How the Real Obama Met the Real Pánfilo

A behind-the-scenes look at President Obama's guest appearance on the hit Cuban comedy show Vivir del Cuento.

When organizers announced Havana’s Musicabana festival at the beginning of this year, they called it an event that would “usher in a new era of cultural diplomacy” between Cuba and the United States, “offering a once-in-a-lifetime experience with an extraordinary multi-genre bill boasting over 25 artists, bands and global DJs.” [...] So what happened? Festival organizer Fabien Pisani blames bureaucracy.

The Rolling Stones at Marcus Amphitheater, by Jim Pietryga

The significance of the Rolling Stones' Havana concert.

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