cultural exchange

Sitting on both ends of Asia, China and Turkey have voiced their readiness to revive the ancient Silk Road, along which the links are expected to extend from China to Central Asia and the Middle East, and then on to Europe via Turkey. In China, President Xi Jinping put forth the Belt and Road initiative three years ago, seeking to connect trading partners along the ancient Silk Road through land and sea routes.

A popular Taiwanese television drama, "The Way We Were (16 個夏天)," will be broadcast in Spanish in El Salvador, starting on Dec. 4, according to Taiwan's embassy in the Central American country. Airing the series abroad is part of the government's efforts to promote Taiwan's TV industry and introduce Taiwanese culture and people to foreign allies, said Florencia Hsieh (謝妙宏) while unveiling the series in San Salvador on Nov. 24.

Indians — especially the youth — are learning Korean, eating kimchi and travelling to Seoul to sample the life shown on their favourite TV dramas, and films [...] Over the last decade, K-pop and K-dramas, as well as their movies, have unleashed a tsunami of growth and popularity in India, and the numbers of avid fans continue to grow exponentially.

Visiting Chinese Vice Premier Liu Yandong agreed with German Chancellor Angela Merkel here Friday to set up a high-level cultural exchange mechanism at the earliest possible date. [...] Establishing such a mechanism will promote the Sino-German exchanges and cooperation in the fields of education, science, culture and sports, she added.

Tang said mariachi music transcends borders and cultures because of the universal feelings of love and loss that this music reflects. She’s planning a trip to China as part of a cultural exchange program and hopes her love of this musical form will entertain Chinese audiences.

Barely a month after power forward Palpreet Singh Brar was picked up for the NBA Developmental League in the players draft for the Long Island Nets, the premier basketball league in the world has decided to launch an elite academy in India. [...] The 24 candidates will be closely working with coaches from coaches from the NBA, with an Indian coach standing alongside him.

The Chinese leader hailed the progress in bilateral cultural exchange that he said shortens the distance between the peoples who share similar experiences of suffering foreign aggression and social turmoil. The president said he believed the progressive cultural exchange between China and Latin America will also play a role in the development of the world civilization.

Sino-African relations have garnered a great deal of public interest in recent decades. Commentary tends to focus on trade, economic investment and aid and is often negative in tone. Based on interviews I conducted in Benin in early 2015, culture is perceived as the most positive aspect of the relationship. Cultural exchange is a crucial domain of interaction, and one in which China is investing heavily.