cultural exchange

One network for Chinese associations all over the world, from as far as Brazil and the United States to Russia, is taking shape. The Singapore Hua Yuan Association has managed to draw organisations from about 80 countries or regions, including cities in China, to be part of this collaborative platform. Most of them were in Singapore yesterday to sign the agreement for the Global Hua Yuan Collaborative Network.

The 3rd World Internet Conference(WIC), which was held between Nov. 16 and 18 in Wuzhen, Zhejiang Province, has drawn wide public attention. Themed on "Innovation-driven Internet Development for the Benefit of All - Building a Community of Common Future in Cyberspace", it has attracted over 1,200 representatives from governments, international organizations, enterprises, research institute, technical communities and civil groups to discuss common issues in global internet development. And the debate on cultural exchanges was the spotlight of the event.

“The cultural exchange is so important for finding commonalities and learning about differences, traditions and every day life, and you really become more immersed in the cultural than you would by just reading about it,” West said. “We have members from Iowa, Minnesota — people really want to support the connection to Ireland.”

According to the United Nations, 6.6 million people have been displaced by Syria's civil war. They have found refuge across the globe, facing economic hardship, language barriers, social and cultural acclimation. Despite their challenges, Syrians find hope and solace in their traditional food culture as a source of normalcy, stability, and hope in bridging cultural divides. 

UK students will be able to enjoy a meal while listening to some of UKCI’s Chinese cultural programming, as well as network with other fellow students who are also interested in Chinese life and culture. The reception will feature different activities for all the guests including Chinese games, Chinese costumes, a guzheng and dulcimer performance, and a catered Chinese dinner.

Next month New York’s David Geffen Hall will welcome a visiting orchestra, on a tour including other top venues in Los Angeles and San Francisco. But the guest orchestra is not the Berlin Philharmonic or one of Europe’s other esteemed ensembles. It is the China Philharmonic Orchestra (CPO), which was founded in Beijing a mere 16 years ago.

The video, running 48 to 120 times each day from Nov 14 to Nov 28, is a prelude to the launching of the closing ceremony of the 2016 China-US Tourism Year and a grand event with 5,000 Chinese tourists visiting the US in Washing DC and other parts of the United States in late November

What is much less known about the Rockefeller’s is their philanthropic mission to pursue a cultural exchange between Asian and American artists. Wendy O’Neill, a fifth-generation Rockefeller, expressed her wishes to increase philanthropic support for Korean artists at a press briefing held in Namsan Art Center in Seoul, Monday.