cultural relations

Egypt has become synonymous with mass upsurge, revolution, and maybe the flawed victory of its people, but its multi-cultural wealth has stayed untouched by the tumult on the ground, and it was evident from the Egyptian Cultural Week organised by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations...

Learning another language will open the door to another culture and enhance your career opportunities in the increasingly global economy...The new language deepens your capacity to communicate and to understand the challenges of all cross-cultural relations.

“So we are trying to find ways of moving forward in our economic, political and cultural relations,” said del Rosario, who visited Germany early this month. The country’s chief diplomat said Germany is an important trading partner and source of investments of the Philippines...

The participation of a large number of elites of Pakistani society indicated to the fact that how much Pakistani government and the people valued their relationship with Sultanate of Oman. The ambassador was the happy man as he has earned so much goodwill among the Pakistanis.

Accepting the award, Goel said, “The conferring of the degree is a recognition of the great work being done by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations in the area of cultural diplomacy”...“The ICCR is using dialogue between societies toward achieving the ancient wisdom...

The Australian screen industry is extending its reach into the USA, following a new International Engagement Program...with G'Day USA...which seeks to strengthen trade, investment, business, innovation and cultural relations between Australia and the United States.

The U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and Ripken Baseball Inc. announced today that Baseball Hall-of-Famer and Public Diplomacy Envoy Cal Ripken, Jr. and Major League Baseball standout Brady Anderson, a former center fielder with the Baltimore Orioles, will travel to Japan November 8-16, 2011 as sports diplomats.

The cultural days in Sydney had a wonderful resonate with the Australian people as it witnessed the presence of the masses and the elite intellectuals... interested in the heritage, cultural and intellectual aspects of Oman.