cultural relations

Cultural exchanges between China and Russia have reached an unprecedented height in recent years," said Yang Song, Europe and Asia division chief of the Liaison Office of the Ministry of Culture...."A series of intercultural events have greatly helped promote mutual understanding, and bring Chinese and Russians closer.

Hong Kong has already been drawing attention from all continents as a cultural hub...Filmmakers like Paul Schrader and Mike Figgis will hobnob cross-culturally with Hong Kong film producer Nansun Shi during the three-day ‘cultural convention’

Pakistan-Korea cultural links are founded on a cultural agreement signed in 2006 which will be renewed during a high-level visit. The agreement provides for the promotion of cultural exchanges, photographic exhibitions and exchanges of art and artifacts.

Medvedev said at a meeting with journalism students at Moscow State University that “we are absolutely ready to restore diplomatic relations”...In terms of cultural relations, it is difficult to overstate the importance of dialogue between the Russian Orthodox Church and its Georgian counterpart.

The USC Center on Public Diplomacy was pleased to welcome Martin Davidson, CEO of the British Council, the UK’s cultural relations organization to discuss international cultural relations in the 21st Century.

According to the ambassador, the Lithuanian government further plans to develop bilateral cultural relations in the sphere of culture with the Azerbaijani side and support exchange of experience in the sphere of culture.

Within a short span of time, the Pakistan-China Institute has emerged as an institution that has credibility in both countries and employed an innovative approach to promote a bilateral bond that is today pivotal to the future stability, security and prosperity of Pakistan and China.

Egypt has become synonymous with mass upsurge, revolution, and maybe the flawed victory of its people, but its multi-cultural wealth has stayed untouched by the tumult on the ground, and it was evident from the Egyptian Cultural Week organised by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations...