Plenty of performers go abroad on missions of cultural diplomacy aimed subtly at shoring up relations between their own nation and others. And then there are the three dozen dancers and singers of “Water Is Rising,’’ a show that is not coy about its purpose.

The program is designed to introduce Indian audiences to various dances including intangible cultural assets. Korea has a unique cultural heritage listing system for recognizing intangible skills that have been passed on through the generations, such as “Salpuri”and “Seungmu.”

Art and dance are reflections and representations of the complexities of humanity, which is designed to captivate us visually and audibly, invoking a deep emotional connection that transcends through time and boundaries, proving their importance as the essential tools of cultural diplomacy.

With a political even-handedness that deserves a place in the annals of diplomacy, the Brooklyn Academy of Music is presenting the Cloud Gate Dance Theater of Taiwan this week and the Beijing Dance Theater...The dance idiom mixes Eastern and Western styles...

These programmes will showcase the rich and diverse artistic and cultural productions; highlight the multidisciplinary nature of the field of performing arts... foster cultural vitality and unleash talent; promote cultural tourism; and enhance cultural diplomacy.

The U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) launched the “Dance With Us: Motion Across Cultures” Photo Contest on its ExchangesConnect online community today. ECA asks that participants capture the way people express themselves through movement around the world.

Adaji said the National Troupe has at various times engaged in cultural diplomacy by collaborating with international cultural groups such as when they recently hosted a performance by an Israeli troupe. He told the minister that the troupe has received four invitations from the Republic of Congo, Egypt, Brazil and Germany to represent Nigeria.

Oman is to host the internationally-acclaimed American Ballet Troupe, one of its kind and for the first time in the national history...The troupe will travel to the Sultanate in October for as many as three stunning performances by its much sought-after artistes on the sidelines of the grand opening of the Royal Opera House,