How do we encourage people to take action on supposedly intractable global problems?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates by Tribes of the World

The UAE recently appointed a Minister of Happiness--so what does that mean?

On Anzac Day this year, like every other year, sports will take centre stage. With the traditional blockbuster clashes in NRL and in AFL drawing the attention of a large number of the population, a day to commemorate war has become, for many, a day at the footy. Some might question the link between sport and war. But, the connections are actually well-established and they point to how sport can be used as a tool for peace and development, particularly by Australia.

September 25, 2015

These sorts of gender-exclusive comments and questions on size, hairstyle, and fashion reinforce perceptions of women in the foreign policy and national security worlds. They are insulting in their own right, but also prolong conscious and unconscious biases against women and their access and empowerment in these fields.

Beijing's scholars and foreign policy mandarins are experimenting on the "power/knowledge" model to win the hearts and minds of African thinkers and wielders of power in governments and regional groupings. [...] China's new power/knowledge approach to African affairs is part of its emerging African strategy.