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A shipload of U.S. Marines and helicopters arrived to boost relief efforts in flooded Pakistan on Thursday, but the prime minister told The Associated Press his country needs more international help to cope with one of the worst natural disasters in its history.

The United States announced an additional $20 million to help Pakistani flood victims on Tuesday amid growing concern over the political, economic and security ramifications of the disaster. The new aid brought to $55 million the amount of funds committed by Washington so far to flood relief efforts in Pakistan, along with U.S. military helicopters that have been airlifting survivors trapped by the worst floods in 80 years.

APDS Blogger: Paul Rockower

With the recent earthquakes that devastated Haiti and Chile, the concept of aid diplomacy has arisen in the global consciousness. Aid diplomacy is predicated on the notion that in times of crisis, nations can do well in public diplomacy terms by doing good works for those in need.

Insight on aid diplomacy as a soft power enhancing tool of public diplomacy.