ONE Country ONE Film Film Festival will be held on July 20-31 in France, and its main goal is cultural exchange between countries. Diversity regarding the origin of films is the number one criteria for selection.

International summits are typically stiff, orchestrated affairs where even loosening a tie can seem like a radical breach of protocol. [...] Over pizza, cookies and games that involved M&Ms and stories about their favorite childhood toys, a group of 15 student leaders from Finland and 16 student government leaders at Gaithersburg High School met Tuesday to share experiences and explore differences for teenagers in the two countries.

Secretary of State John Kerry exhorted Miami Dade Honors College students to pursue an inclusive American dream that includes “what our country stands for internationally.” [...] To encourage freedom, he said, the United States wants to help “the Cuban people to begin a new chapter in their history.”


London has been anointed the city with the highest “soft power,” beating out contenders like New York and Paris. Its ability to create high-skill jobs and attract an international diverse group of business talent has led Deloitte to name the British city as the “soft power capital of the world."

For the second year in a row, #OscarsSoWhite has dragged America’s diversity problem back into the global spotlight. [...] Yet the recent report by USC’s Annenberg School found that not much has changed—only seven percent of films in the past year had casts that accurately reflected the nation’s actual demographics. 

Academy Award Winner, by Davidlohr Bueso

Foreign audiences are more important than ever for Hollywood...so why are we still seeing all-white casts?

The Fulbright program […] is widely seen as a prime opportunity to add international experience to one’s résumé. Despite the bureau’s increased efforts to diversify the pool of grantees in recent years, though, the program also has a reputation of being overwhelmingly white. […]  the State Department has been successful in increasing the participation of black people and other underrepresented minorities [...]