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Despite sharing an island, comparing the Dominican Republic and Haiti is a slippery slope. Like most neighbors, the two nations have experienced moments of tranquility, moments of teamwork, and moments of tension. Culturally and economically dissimilar, the two interdependent countries are divided by more than a politically-imposed border.

In an earlier post, I speculated that preventing a Zika virus epidemic would rally transnational diaspora organizations. Since then, concern has grown among U.S.- and Canadian-based diasporans, especially those with roots in Brazil, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and other Latin American countries. Caribbean American and global media are featuring stories and public service announcements on the outbreak, but so far, I have observed no major non-governmental diasporan response.

Mobilização Nacional da Educação Zika Zero

Taking advantage of partnerships to stop the spread of Zika.

The Compassion Experience, coming July 1-6 to Castle Rock Park in the Heights, will provide a glimpse of life through the eyes of an impoverished child. Three 20-minute tours will take visitors through scenarios in Uganda, the Dominican Republic and the Philippines. [...] Compassion International, an international child-advocacy ministry, will bring two semitrailers filled with more than 2,000 square-feet of interactive exhibits, Lacy Maloney said.

[...] American ambassador to the Dominican Republic in November 2013, Wally Brewster got [...] advice from the Vatican’s envoy [...] “If you keep your private life behind the walls of your embassy, you’ll be O.K. here" [...] He meant that Mr. Brewster, to be an effective diplomat, would be wise to keep his husband, Bob Satawake, out of sight in a country where prejudice against gay people remains widespread.

CVC/COIN meeting

A unique tourism project in the Dominican Republic advocates for LGBT rights.

The U.S. Agency for International Development is seeking partners to implement a new initiative with Major League Baseball which aims to improve education, support children with disabilities and counter domestic violence in the Dominican Republic.

The pop star was scheduled to make an appearance in Santo Domingo Sept. 13, but the commission called the concert off Thursday after deciding her behavior goes against their 'morals and customs' and is even 'punishable by Dominican law,' the Associated Press reported. The country's decision could contradict the "Diplomacy in Action" statement, published by the U.S. Department of State, that cites there to be "no government restrictions on academic freedom or cultural events."