American embassies across the globe have taken to Twitter over the last year or two, an impressive soft power outreach to citizens of foreign countries, but the Cairo feed has stood out. Other feeds, even when they tweet frequently, tend to take the staid tone of official diplomacy, tweeting press releases, quotes from U.S. officials, and relevant headlines.

President Abdrabu Mansour Hadi offered personal apology to the US President Barack Obama and the US people after a large mob of Yemeni people stormed the US embassy in protest against a movie offending the prophet of Muslims, Muhammad, Saba reported Thursday.

As Canada reduces cultural staff and closes libraries and offices, it's important to remember that soft power is by no means inferior to commercial, political, or military facets.

The Russian Foreign Ministry is planning to open a Facebook page in the near future and has already launched special courses to teach diplomats how to make the most of their Twitter accounts to help promote Russia’s position on the world stage, the report said.

"There is not too much awareness about Polish culture in India or the other way round. We now hope to change that by creating awareness about both the cultures in the other country," said Jerzy Pomianowski, deputy minister of foreign affairs of the republic of Poland, while inaugurating the Polish Institute in New Delhi last week.

The decline of Australian public diplomacy capabilities is at a critical point. At its lowest point in years, some have been looking at alternative ways for Australia to engage internationally. The Lowy Institute for International Policy, in particular, has long been lamenting that DFAT does not use digital tools or social media to help promote Australia's foreign policy interests.

The Embassy of Spain officially launched the Spanish club "Que Pas" at the University of Namibia, last week. Que Pas is an initiative of Spanish students at the university and aims to promote the Spanish language while promoting the exchange of cultural experiences, solidarity, good learning relationships and good bilateral ties between Spain and Namibia.

The Department of State’s Office of Art in Embassies (AIE) is pleased to announce the AIE American Artist Lecture Series at the Tate Modern-London, in a unique collaboration with Embassy London. In celebration of AIE’s 50th anniversary, the three-year-long program will feature six noted American artists.