The 4th International Environmental Forum of Arab-African Youth in Luxor governorate which was held with the participation of 35 African and Arab countries ended on 21/10/2012. The forum tackled issues of the Nile Basin countries, water and public diplomacy to negotiate files of water in Nile Basin countries.

Terming India a "Cultural Super Power" Dr Karan Singh, President of ICCR in his address to the Heads of Missions underscored the role and importance of cultural diplomacy and public diplomacy tools in projecting India's soft power. He also stressed on the message of universalism enshrined in the ancient Indian philosophy of Vedanta.

Water diplomacy could and should play a larger role in USAID and the U.S. State Department.

Uprisings against tyrants in Africa and the Middle East. Economic immolation in Europe. Nuclear weapons programs in Iran and North Korea. Canada has never looked so good. Canada’s soft power values of peace, order and good government, ... are the envy of the planet. But if we fail to push our national interests, we’ll be in no position to assert these soft power values.

Earlier this week, the global climate campaign 350.org launched "Radiowave." It's designed to take a single powerful song, and use it as the focus of a campaign that will sweep down Africa, one country at time, for the next few weeks, finally landing in South Africa just as the UN's climate conference begins.

American soft power — its ability to attract and persuade — is increasingly undermined by the government’s inability to take strong action on climate change, something that local opposition to clean energy development only makes worse.

The U.S. embassy in Beijing...broadcasts its readings via an iPhone app and through Twitter, which is blocked inside China but can be accessed by tech-savvy Chinese who...circumvent the country’s Web censorship system...As a result, many Beijingers are becoming increasingly aware that the embassy’s readings often contradict those from Beijing’s environmental bureau...

Both Jerusalem and Haifa will be sending delegations to an October 31 event in Assisi, Italy, which will celebrate the launch of a global network aimed at promoting environmentally- sustainable pilgrimages among the world’s major religious sites.