The alternative theory of ecological diplomacy, on the other hand, focuses on facilitating peace through environment initiatives. Still, one might argue that diplomatic mechanisms like the international climate change negotiation process, illustrated at last year’s COP15 meeting, have not accomplished anything more than the promotion of good will between countries.

...annual service trip that brings students from UVM’s Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources to this desert city [Arad, Israel] – a sister city of Burlington, Vt. – to help locals make the most of their ecologically-sensitive surroundings.

Prime Minister Harper has said Canada will wait to see what policies the U.S. adopts to regulate major emitters of greenhouse gases, because the two countries’ economies are so closely integrated. But Felipe Calderon, who leads the United States’ other border nation and trade-bloc partner, expressed exasperation at waiting for rich countries to step forward.

With classrooms of pupils from all corners of the globe, the Allee High School in Hamburg recognizes the importance of cultural understanding. In that vein, it's using the global environment to improve its own.