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Ambassador Clarke said the 2010 European Film Festival will provide "a marvelous opportunity for Europe to show the vibrancy of the European film industry and to share this with Tanzanian people."

Europe and China must "invest more in the great potential of our people-to-people relations" to fully benefit from their strategic partnership, European Commission President José Manuel Barroso said this morning (6 October) at a press conference alongside Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao.

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Though the presence of Roma (more commonly known as “Gypsies”) is nothing new in Western Europe, French President Nicolas Sarkozy began an unprecedented immigration crackdown campaign on Roma in France this past summer.

The European Union has called France a "disgrace" and is threatening to take legal action against the country after it expelled thousands of Roma migrants...If France is found to be in breach of European law it could be fined but it would also face "a serious loss of prestige" according to sources in the commission.

In the western Balkans and the Middle East, Turkey is already an important force and an influential actor with considerable “soft power”. It is important both politically and economically in Iraq, and in working with the EU to persuade Iran to meet international concerns on its nuclear programme.

Better communication of EU affairs by public service broadcasters is key to bridging the gap between the European Union and its citizens, said the European Parliament yesterday (7 September), highlighting in particular the "huge potential" of social media to reach out to young people.

The game will take players through the hallways of European Parliament offices in Brussels, Strasbourg and Luxembourg. As is the tradition in such pastimes, players can use their avatars to do everything from choosing flowers and furniture to debating the effects of climate change.