The Indian embassy in Cairo was quick to spot the rising fame and popularity of Gandhi among young Egyptians during and after the Egyptian revolution that overthrew former president Hosni Mubarak's long-time rule in 2011. Seizing the opportunity, the embassy in Cairo supported by INDIAFRICA: A Shared Future and the Public Diplomacy Division, ministry of external affairs, Government of India, announced a competition for children: 'Did you sense the spirit of Gandhi in Tahrir Square?'

Slovenia’s International Centre for Promotion of Enterprises and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia’s Finance Think have been appointed by their Governments to join the Virtual Institute’s global network of 82 academic institutions, expanding Virtual Institute think tank membership to 11 research centres from seven countries.

February 11, 2013

Track two exists on many levels and for many purposes. Some projects bring together those close to the centres of power. Other track-two projects are targeted at the civil society level with the objective of promoting broader change on a societal level. Still others involve professional groups attempting to influence policy.

A US academic has said it was imperative for youth exchanges to take place between the US and Pakistan so that unfounded stereotypes could be erased. Dr Michael Hannahan, director of the University of Massachusetts Civic Initiative, said 25 young people from Pakistan were visiting the US every summer. “These travels change people’s lives.”

After a fun-filled four-day visit to Okinawa, 24 children and their six chaperones bid farewell to their host families and made their journey back to Oshima Island... The Oshima visitors came to Okinawa as part of the youth cultural exchange program hosted by Marine Corps Community Services. “The Marine Corps supported the Japanese people following the earthquake and tsunami, and since that day, the Marine Corps has maintained a very special friendship with the community and families of Oshima.”

Bringing students together from across the globe, the 12th edition of International Children's Festival of Performing Arts (ICFPC) was initiated at Ryan International School, Ludhiana, on Tuesday. As a part of the Russian cultural exchange programme, around 18 students from Russia came to India under the theme "One World of Children" and participated in a month-long festival.

Universal Studios Hollywood welcomes the Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development's Culture Fair, a celebration of Chinese art and culture featuring three days of engaging activities and interactive displays exhibiting the historical city's most notable landmarks.

Federal Minister for National Heritage and Integration Samina Khalid Ghurki has stressed for the exchange of cultural programmes with Iran to strengthen the ties between both the countries. In a meeting here on with Iranian Cultural Counselor Taghi Sadeghi, they both discussed the matters of mutual interests and for promotion and projection of culture of both countries through cultural exchange programmes among masses and youth.