The focus this year has been selected with the theme of "ASEAN-China education exchange year", Derry added. As such, he said, there will be more efforts to increase cooperation in the education sector, people-to-people exchanges and promoting awareness between the two peoples. 

Even while rustling up investments worth billions for India, PM Narendra Modi constantly looks like he's having fun. Instead of the formal press meetings and handshaking that typified our previous PMs, this one is ensuring he's having a good time, and casually changing the rule book of how diplomacy is conducted.

These films were chosen as they offer a “glimpse into Singapore’s heartlands”, said Senior Minister of State for Defence and Foreign Affairs Dr Maliki Osman .... “What we really want to achieve is to create a platform for filmmakers from different countries to interact with one another and hopefully we can inspire each other...”

Headlines explore the power of language to help bridge global communication and cultural gaps.

From literary exchanges to music festivals, this PD News roundup is all about art. 

 Stories about art, food and cultural exchanges featured prominently in this week's roundup

March 31, 2016

“Through these working holiday agreements, the government hopes to enhance our young people’s global competence, thereby boosting the nation’s competitiveness, as well as increase the self-reliance of Taiwan’s youth,” says Andrew Lee, deputy director-general of MOFA’s Public Diplomacy Coordination Council.

FATE: From Apathy to Empathy - P2P #ChallengeExtremism

Three teams of students won this year's P2P: Challenging Extremism initiative, a citizen diplomacy project by the U.S. State Department to counter the dangerous rhetoric and actions of violent extremists