A look at how various public diplomacy actors address and resolve crises. 

A look back at a decade of Canadian Visiting Research Scholars in Public Diplomacy. 

The WA government has honoured the heroic actions of a Perth doctor by donating an ultrasound machine to his home country of Ghana. "This is a demonstration of the generosity of the people of Western Australia, and particularly the hospital, towards the people of Ghana. A machine like this is going to help address some of the health concerns we have," she said.

August 26, 2016

The role of cultural festivals on the global stage. 

Are Russian universities non-state actors or government proxies for propaganda? 

International collaboration can cause African universities to become more dependent on the North. But they can also have the opposite effect: they can empower African researchers and help them to become more independent.

2016 Venice Architecture Biennale - National Pavilions

Explore the intersection of architecture, social activism and cultural identity in this new video on the 15th Venice Architecture Biennale. 

Saudi Arabia has an image problem. From allegations of exporting a radical Islamist ideology, to the war on Yemen and gender rights, the country’s reputation often takes a battering around the world. Now, the culture ministry has been given the challenging task of improving domestic and international perceptions, while delivering a 10 per cent increase in positive media coverage of the kingdom by 2020.