2016 Venice Architecture Biennale: National Pavilions

This new video from Monocle Magazine takes viewers inside the 15th Venice Architecture Biennale for a look at how world nations have interpreted Chilean architect Alejandro Aravena's theme for 2016: "Reporting from the Front." The Architecture Biennale is a global mega-event that brings together international architects, countries and tourists to both showcase the unique brand identities of participating nations and to create “new points of view on the social, political and cultural issues facing the world of architecture today." Pavilions highlighted in this video include Austria, who utilized their Biennale budget to convert empty buildings in Vienna into humane shelters for refugees seeking asylum; Romania, who played with the dual notions of architecture as an instrument of self-governance and social activism, and Turkey, who explored themes of hybrid identities and politics in 21st century society. Evolving notions of space, place and people-to-people interactions were showcased at pavilions from Australia, Britain, Singapore and the Nordic nations. The Biennale will run through November 6, 2016 in Italy. 

2016 Venice Architecture Biennale - National Pavilions


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