G20 Summit

Sino-Indian relations saw an upswing when Chinese President Xi Jinping visited India in 2014, and India’s prime minister, Narendra Modi, returned the visit in 2015. Both leaders agreed to focus on improving bilateral relations through commerce and trade. China agreed to partner with India in accelerating its economic development by investing in various infrastructural projects and also setting up manufacturing facilities in India.

G20Live.com is a digital hub to measure and facilitate the impact of digital diplomacy and e-diplomacy during the course of the 10th G20 Leaders Summit on 15-16 November 2015. This platform is portrayed as a digital gateway to foster digital engagement between global political, business, civil society, labour, intellectual, opinion leaders and public audience. 

Research projects on Chinese perceptions of Australians, recent shifts in Australian and G20 PD as well as collaborations with other universities and the Australian government.

Australia has begun formalising the use of koalas as a "soft power" diplomatic strategy, with a 600-page manual having been drawn-up by the foreign affairs department and the marsupials increasingly being given to regional allies.

During the recent Saarc summit, the Nepal Prime Minister's niece hosted the South Asian first ladies. A few days before that, Maggie Abbot, the Australia PM's wife took the wives of G20 leaders to see a wildlife sanctuary in Australia. And as a result, Indian babus in foreign relations are now missing the feminine touch to India's diplomatic endeavours and are hoping he will have someone fill in the post of First Lady for the country.

China's new leadership has been following a new pattern of diplomacy that features increasing softer elements and a down-to-earth manner. President Xi Jinping's just-concluded trip to Australia serves as a good example. During the state visit, the two Asia-Pacific giants lifted their relationship to a comprehensive strategic partnership and concluded their nine-year-long bilateral free trade talks.

Never before has Australia been more at the heart of global affairs. Here in Brisbane we have finished our year as G20 President, with the G20 leaders presenting their communiqué.

November 17, 2014

Chinese President Xi Jinping, speaking at the close of the G20 in Australia on Sunday, said that China was confident it could fulfill its role as the chair of the 2016 summit, after Turkey in 2015.