To many Americans, globalization may mean Americanization but, in China, globalization is Koreanization. This is the impact of Hallyu (the Korean word for “Korean wave”), which began in 1997. Hallyu began with Korean television dramas and today extends throughout Chinese life: k-drama, k-pop, movies, fashion, food, and beauty.  It is argued to be the only example of a cultural power “that threatens the dominance of American culture.”

Indeed, in the era of globalization, nation brand image is more necessary than ever; an increasing number of governments attempt to use the power of commercial branding techniques to valorize their country's image. 

Former ad man Simon Anholt thinks he has the answer to problems caused by globalisation – the Good Country party, a global political organisation. He’s launching it this weekend, and thinks it has the potential to gain 700 million members

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak has warned the Rakyat not to misuse the internet in spreading lies and hatred that could destroy the foundation of a multiracial society in Malaysia.

However you define it, power is important because it allows you to get things done.  Whether you are a politician or an executive, you must seek power to achieve objectives.  Yet power never stays constant, but has always been highly dependent on context and, in today’s world of rapidly shifting contexts, emerging sources of power are often the most potent.

“The Mideast is stunningly complicated,” said Albright, secretary of state from 1997-2001, in an interview. But her candid confirmation of how hard it is to understand the upheaval wasn’t limited to the region. The diplomatic disquiet is global, which Albright said was a condition of a post-Soviet world.

As part of the IMPACT speaker series, Consul General of Israel to the Southeastern United States, Opher Aviran, spoke to Tech faculty and students to encourage political cooperation between the State of Israel and the Southeast United States. With the Gaza Strip crisis currently occurring, Aviran’s aim to strengthen ties is especially relevant.