Hate crimes, especially on religious grounds, have become increasingly prominent since Modi’s Hindu nationalist government was elected in 2014. [...] Mander has gathered a group of dedicated volunteers who helped to crowdfund the entire trip. They are an eclectic mix – lifelong activists, including a mother and son, along with photographers and seven young priests-in-training from a seminary in Delhi. [...] “We want to create a network of peace communities in every district,” said Suroor Mander, one of the organizers.

Two self-described Canadian feminist advocacy organizations say the government needs to make major changes to how it hands out foreign aid, so that it reaches small, grassroots women's development organizations. The government says it wants to find new ways to deliver aid so that it reaches smaller groups, while ensuring accountability for taxpayers' dollars.

How a couple of choreographers crowdsourced a flashmob to rally voters.

Mexican officials, concerned about negative impressions of Mexico in the United States, have been rolling out a strategy to improve the image of their country and show how the relationship between the two nations has been of “mutual benefit," [...] The strategy includes “cultural diplomacy,” grass-roots activism and the deployment of Mexican community...

New global development goals now under negotiation will not help combat climate change and poverty without the political will to implement them – and creating that requires pressure from the grassroots, experts said this week.  Kenya, for instance, has made impressive progress toward adopting renewable energy.

The grassroots campaign to break Saudi Arabia’s ban on female drivers isn’t set to start until Oct. 26. But a lot of women aren’t willing to wait that long. They’ve already recorded themselves getting behind the wheel in major Saudi cities. And although a few were stopped by police, many more have been inspired to take to the streets. Support has poured in from all over the world, and they now have an official song for their campaign.