green diplomacy

How does the EU's external environmental policy play out in the international sphere?

An in-depth examination of the U.S.-China Climate Collaboration Network.

Increasing development aid, rebooting European climate policy, partnering with green technologies in emerging economies: the French president has made his diplomatic priorities clear. [...] In front of a distinguished audience, he listed France’s new ambitions “in the current state of affairs”: security, independence, and influence. This motto, he stressed, does not mean to “make France a small and reluctant country, jealously guarding its security”.

To celebrate the June 5 World Environment Day, diplomats from more than a dozen foreign embassies and international organizations Monday joined the U.S. State Department to plant underwater seagrass in the Potomac River, a tributary of the Chesapeake Bay. Diplomats told VOA their participation in “green diplomacy” is to help raise awareness of the challenges of clean water here and at home. By working with the CBF’s “Grasses for the Masses” program, diplomats are demonstrating the commitment to environmental protection. 

New solar technology is poised to provide cheap power to many of the 600 million people in Africa who lack access to reliable electricity. Innovation in “off-grid” solar power is becoming accessible to even the most remote communities for less than a half dollar a day. [...] The company received $50 million in financing from the U.S. government’s Overseas Private Investment Corporation, as part of President Obama’s Power Africa initiative.

The Olympic Games are all about athletics and sportsmanship, for sure. But this year’s games in Rio have also put a spotlight on the environment. Sustainability is playing a big part [...] All the athletes got a chance to plant seedlings native to Brazil in silver containers on the stadium floor. After the Olympics is over, the seeds will be replanted in west Rio de Janeiro, where they will grow in a new “Athletes’ Forest.”