higher education

The British higher education system is in the middle of a quiet revolution, tilting relatively quickly towards an American-style market-based approach favored by the current coalition government. The government has laid out plans to cut government funding for universities by 40% by 2014. But that money has to come from somewhere. And it will likely be students. But such tuition caps don’t apply to students from outside the European Union, which is a large part of the reason the UK just unveiled a new strategic effort to attract students from overseas.

During the visit, which was organized by Project Interchange, the American Jewish Committee’s educational institute, the delegation participated in a series of meetings in areas relevant to their institutions such as brain science, environmental sustainability, biotechnology, diversity and women’s leadership. The visitors met with government representatives at the Knesset as well as Palestinian leaders in the West Bank.

Jordan and Armenia signed on Monday an educational and scientific cooperation agreement, under which both sides will provide the other with scholarships to attend higher education and scientific institutions in either country.