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Tech execs paid $245 to hear Hillary Clinton keynote a women’s tech conference in Silicon Valley Tuesday, but Clinton has as much to learn from her audience as they have to gain from her. As the former secretary of state prepares for a second presidential run, she’s hoping Silicon Valley will rub off on her – and fill her campaign coffers.

In the 1840s, after receiving his first telegram, then British foreign minister Lord Palmerston reportedly exclaimed “My God, this is the end of diplomacy!” Fast forward 170 years.(...) Diplomacy is not dead, but new messaging tools like Twitter are threatening to upend a tradition of carefully worded statecraft and protocol.

The administration may not be doing her any favors in embracing a national security approach ... that de-emphasizes America's military role, encourages the use of the tools of "soft power," such as diplomacy and social media, and plays up coalition-building over going it alone.

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are getting their own Hollywood biopic. The film won’t be about tough decisions like the Bin Laden mission or the fight for healthcare reform. It will be a romance film chronicling the first date between a young Barack Obama and Michelle Robinson.

In this aspect the US ‘smart power’ strategy in its relationship with Pakistan is very important to understand. Pakistan is arguably the litmus test to evaluate if the new US agenda is moving in right direction.

There's a reason Americans are confused about the value of overseas development assistance. And there's also a fix -- if the State Department gets serious about the next QDDR.

The fact that President Jokowi chose a career diplomat was no surprise. But eyebrows were raised when Retno LP Marsudi’s name topped the shortlist of candidates in the week prior to the Cabinet announcement.

One of this fall’s newest political TV shows trades in the drama of an Oval Office affair for foreign affairs — and PTA meetings too. Adding to the growing line up of political programs, CBS will premiere “Madam Secretary,” on Sunday, Sept. 21, at 8 p.m. EST. The show, with executive producers Lori McCreary and Morgan Freeman, stars Tea Leoni as Elizabeth McCord — a former CIA analyst who is suddenly asked to leave her life in academia behind to take the reins at the State Department.