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More than half of Russians (57%) believe the outcome of the US presidential election is important, with one in three (35%) certain that Republican candidate Donald Trump’s win would better match Russia’s national interests, as follows from the results of the Russian Public Opinion Research Center, published on the organization’s website.

Barring some unspeakable disaster, Mr. Trump will not be our next President.  Instead, we’ll be working on how to repair the damage to our country’s international image and reputation. Allies and partners around the world—those whom Trump called “freeloaders”—will need to be reassured that America’s commitments remain intact. 

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Even if Trump loses the presidency, the damage to U.S. image abroad remains.

There’s never been a US presidential candidate better known to China’s 1.3 billion people than Hillary Clinton. Thanks to more than two decades of high-profile engagement with the country, as first lady, US senator, secretary of state and two-time presidential candidate, Clinton is also a controversial figure in China, with that familiarity generating occasional gusts of contempt.

Hillary Clinton has hinted that she may expand secondary sanctions on North Korea during her tenure, which would mean punishing Chinese financial institutions, businesses and individuals that transact with any entities or industries that facilitate North Korea’s nuclear [...]  Donald Trump, like everything else that he’s said about foreign policy, has been all over the map...

August 28, 2016

The strange saga of Trump, Clinton, WikiLeaks and Russia...

Hillary Clinton at the post-DNC rally

Mark Dillen on last week's Democratic National Convention.