Mos Def Budapest, by Gergely Csatari

A counternarrative to Muslim marginalization in America.

Faryade Zan 143Band Paradise&Diverse

Afghanistan's first female rapper uses her lyrics to expose violence against women.


One of the rising voices in West Coast Rap, Raja Kumari puts her Indian-American identity front and center.

Latinidades – Festival da Mulher Afro Latino Americana e Caribenha 2013, by Cultura de Red

Rap, once disdained in Cuba for its American origins, is being appropriated by the state to push a pro-party line. But the state would win more by allowing artists to work freely.

In September 2009, Charles Rivkin, the U.S. ambassador to France, drove to northern Paris for the unveiling of a mural at the Collège Martin Luther King, a middle school in the suburb (or banlieue) of Villier-le-Bel.

The United Arab Emirates isn't a country you'd typically associate with hip-hop. It's a place that is generally bereft of the cultural signifiers native to the dark, dank locales where rap was birthed—Illmatic, for instance, probably wouldn't have been the same album if it was about the struggle of going $40 million over budget on your new artificial archipelago instead of the fight out of inner-city poverty.