Concerns over the economy, fears about refugees and stories on housing - it seems many are skeptical about press coverage in the UK with the British media regarded as the most "right-wing" and "biased" in Europe, according to a new poll.

With immigration and reproductive rights as hot-button issues in upcoming U.S. elections, it’s worth considering how China’s one-child policy — recently expanded to a two-child limit — has affected its largest trading partner.

 The congestion at Keleti Station is just one of Europe’s latest blunders in the immigration crisis—a crisis that, although unprecedented, is not insurmountable. European leaders must focus on three action points: revising the Dublin Regulation, creating a fair and binding distribution of migrants, and enacting a Europe-wide public education campaign highlighting the necessity of this cooperation.
August 20, 2015

Donald Trump’s recent incendiary statements against Mexican immigrants and regarding U.S. trade relations with Mexico seem to have shocked many in the U.S. Both issues are pillars of Mexico’s foreign policy to the U.S., for which the country has been building a narrative to improve its image and that of its diaspora.

Donald Trump

"For Donald Trump, Mexico’s government is not an amigo..."

Actress America Ferrera has penned an open letter to Donald Trump in response to his controversial comments about Mexican immigrants. Ferrera has been an advocate for Latino causes and a prominent supporter of Democratic candidates for years. Her tongue-in-cheek post puts a unique spin on the uproar over Trump’s claims that “rapists” and “drug dealers” have entered the U.S. border illegally from Mexico.